About Belgrade









Belgrade (Serbia) is the best city in Europe. And in some ways the most important city for Europe as well. Belgrade marked the border between the Austrian – Hungarian and Habsburg empires on one side, and Ottoman empire on the other. So if there is truly a city that forms the border between East and West, it is Belgrade.


Although it has suffered many wars and destruction over its history, Belgrade is now an unique city with an interesting mix of people and culture. You can eat in a top-level French restaurant or go across the street to have some traditional Balkan food. You can order a cappuccino or a Turkish coffee or choose between champagne and home-made rakia, all in the same place.


The variety in styles can also be seen walking down the streets. You can still see the Yugo, built in the socialist era, a lot, but nowadays it is parked next to a Bentley or BMW. You can see beautiful old Serbian houses across the street of modernist architecture from the 1930s. And you can see two older gentlemen sitting on a bench contemplating about the high-heeled, long-legged girls walking by, who regard the streets as their catwalk.


And if you go out at night, you will have the chance to either end up in a local 'kafana' where some old guys are playing old Serbian songs, or find yourself raving with 1000 crazy party-people to eclectic beats from the best DJs in the world. You can end up in one of the hidden jazzbars housed in an apartment-building or enjoy one of the many festivals in the parks of Belgrade.


But the best part of Belgrade is its people. All different, but with one thing in common: Their genuine hospitality to any visitor to their city. You have the old-school waiters dressed as René in 'Allo Allo' who will do everything to make sure you have a good seat, a great meal and enough to drink. There are the young people you will meet in the bars and clubs and festivals who are always interested in who you are and want to help you answer any questions you have. And you have the friends you make and who will do everything in their power to pick up the bill after having a drink with them.















Many websites and books try to describe Belgrade. You will easily find all the information about its turbulent and rich history and you will be advised to visit all the landmarks in Belgrade such as the great Avala-tower, the romantic Kalemegdan Park, the impressive white-marble St. Sava church, and many more places. You can check the 'Friends'-page on this website to find the best information about Belgrade, tourist-info and accommodation.


But none of it can describe the experience you will have spending a few days in Belgrade. Although it is a great city with great sights, restaurants, parties and bars, it is not about that. What makes Belgrade so great is its people.


So, check out the links on this site to find out how to get to Belgrade and where to stay. Then when you arrive, join iBikeBelgrade on a tour on your first day there to get the best overview and introduction to the city, ensuring a great start of a great experience. Dobrodosli!