Bicycle tour in Belgrade

Riverside Afternoon Tour

Between May and November the iBikeBelgrade Riverside Afternoon tour starts every day of the week at 14.00 hrs at the meetingpoint in the centre of Belgrade at the end of the main shopping street Kneza Mihaila and the entrance of the Kalemegdan Park.

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City Center Morning Tour

Our popular 'City Center Morning Tour' starts every Saturday and Sunday at 11.00 a.m. from the meetingpoint. This tour lasts 3 hours and will take you to all the highlights of the old part of town, including 4 parks, the largest green market of Belgrade and if we're lucky: a Serbian wedding! Don't miss it!

More detailed information about the City Centre Morning Tour

New: eBike Tour

Why sweat if you can cruise through Belgrade by e-bike? iBikeBelgrade is offering its Riverside tour on eBikes too! eBike-Tours have to be booked in advance and normally start at 11.00 hrs. at Sportscentre 25th of May, in the centre of Belgrade. 

More detailed information about the eBike Tour can be found here 

Novo: Tura na srpskom jeziku / Tours in Serbian 

Posle mnogo zahteva osoba zainteresovanih za  turisticke ture na Srpskom jeziku, iBikeBelgrade pocinje sa radom na organizaciji tura koje su specijalno namenjene  gostima iz Srbije,na srpskom jeziku! Ture pocinju svake subote u 17.00 ispred Kulturnog centra Grad u ulici Brace Krsmanovic 4. Ture se rezervisu unapred,a to mozete uraditi preko  websajta projekta Bajskultura. Tura traje 3 sata I bicikli su obezbedjeni. 

Vise informacija o turama na srspkom jeziku mozete naci ovde