Biking in Belgrade and the Balkans

iBikeBelgrade is more than just giving bicycle-tours in Belgrade. It also aims to promote bicycle-use in Belgrade. On this page you will find more information about bike rent in Belgrade, biking in Belgrade and the possibilites to bike in Serbia and the Balkan. This page will be updated constantely, and you are welcome to contribute by adding your own links,  experiences or advice to bikers in Belgrade and the Balkan.

Other great city-biketours in the Balkan

Slowly but surely more and more people in cities around the Balkan are offering visitors tours by bike. Simply because it is the best way to go around and see these great places. Here's some of them:

Sofia Green tourSofia Green Tour: Great bike & walking tours in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. You only pay for the bike-rent, and if you like the tour (which you will for sure!) you are free to tip the great guides! 


Blue Bike ZagrebBlue Bike Zagreb started in May 2010 , one year before iBikeBelgrade! The best way to see the great city of Zagreb. Really cool guides on really cool bikes take you on a really cool tour!



Bicycle rent in Belgrade

There are several places to rent a bike in Belgrade. If you are looking for a bike to rent for a few days, or you are looking for a bike rental in the center of Belgrade we recommend Markoni bike shop at the Sportcentre 25 May. It is located at the Danube quay. The easiest way to find it is to start at the meeting point of iBikeBelgrade at the entrance of the Kalemegdan park, and walk down Pariska. At the end of the road, after passing a tunnel, you will find Markoni. The adress is Tadeuša Košćuška 63. You can reach them by calling +381 11 26 28 128.

Prices per hour for a bike is € 1,50. If you rent a bike for more than 3 hours you pay € 4,50 and you can keep it untill the next morning. The bikes are mountainbikes, but they also have bikes with kid-seats, children-bikes and bicycle-trailers in which your kids can sit or luggage can be put.

Biking in Belgrade

Belgrade is not a very bicycle-friendly city, although there are some very nice biking areas. The iBikeBelgrade tour follows only bicycle paths and there are no hills on the tour. However, if you want to bike in the centre, the hills, traffic and lack of bicycle-infrastructure are making it hard to enjoy it very much, unless you are a thrill-seeker. Therefore, iBikeBelgrade supports the belgrade Critical Mass initiative. Every last Saturday of the month at 17.00 anybody who supports better circumstances for bicyclists in Belgrade gathers on the central square in Belgrade to take a 1 hour ride through the centre of the city. More information can be found on Ulice za bicikliste (Streets for Cyclists). You are free to join on this cheerfull event! If you are interested in supporting biking in Belgrade in any way, please contact us at

Biking in Serbia

Serbia is a great country for biking. The northern province of Vojvodina is totally flat except for the mountains in the natural park Fruka Gora. Fruska Gora is excellent for biking and can be reached from Belgrade by bike or train. The other parts of Serbia have more hills and mountains, but are greatif you like biking in nature and visiting small villages.

A great way to discover Serbia by bike is to follow the Danube-route, which offers over 500 km of fantastic biking. The route is maked very well, and all information about the route, accomodation along the route and general info on travelling by bike in Serbia can be found on